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When buying hair dye many do not pay attention to these numbers, but in vain


Each girl wants to have a rich and pronounced hair color, which will be the highlight of her style. But few people know that this is quite achievable without visiting expensive beauty salons. To do this, it is enough to learn how to choose the right hair dye, which, oddly enough, many do not know how to do at all!

Some girls in this business are guided by the brand of the manufacturer, others by the cost, and others by the nice appearance and attractiveness of the model on the packaging. However, only a few pay attention to several important details that will help you choose a hair dye that suits you.

How to choose a hair dye

The manufacturer places a number of indicators on each paint package. On them it is possible to determine in advance exactly what color you get in the end, without figuring this out by “trial and error”. In order to save your time and preserve the health of your hair, we tried to figure out what exactly this or that marking on the packaging with paint says.

It is better to keep this table handy:

Interpretation of the depth of the main color

  • The number 1 - corresponds to black color.
  • 2 - to dark dark chestnut.
  • 3 - to dark chestnut.
  • 4 - to chestnut.
  • 5 - to light chestnut.
  • 6 - to dark blond.
  • 7 - to the light brown.
  • 8 - to light blond.
  • 9 - to a very light blond.
  • 10 - blond blond.
  • 11 and 12 - super brightening paint.

Interpretation of figures of the main shade

  • The number 0 assumes a series of natural tones.
  • Under the number 1 - blue-purple pigment (ashen row).
  • Under the number 2 - purple hue.
  • Under the number 3 - gold.
  • Under the number 4 - copper.
  • Under the number 5 - mahogany shade.
  • Under the number 6 - red shade.
  • Under the number 7 - coffee.

Sometimes manufacturers designate color with letters.

Deciphering the letter of the main shade

  • C - ashen color.
  • PL is platinum.
  • A - super clarification.
  • N is a natural color.
  • E - beige.
  • M - matte.
  • W - brown color.
  • R is red.
  • G is gold.
  • K is copper.
  • I - intense color.
  • F, V - purple.

Determination of paint resistance

  • The number 0 - low level of resistance. It is usually found in shampoos or spray colors.
  • 1 - dye without ammonia and peroxide to add shine to dyed hair.
  • 2 - in the composition there is a peroxide and sometimes ammonia. This paint lasts about three months.
  • 3 - resistant paint, completely changing the original hair color.

Now, having decided to change your image, you will have in advance a rough idea of ​​the results of painting this or that paint. Well-chosen hair color is one of the key factors in creating an image, and this must be approached wisely.

In addition to marking on the package, you should also take into account the current color of your hair, the presence of highlighting or lightening.

With this information, you can easily experiment with images without risking a mistake when choosing a paint. Feel free to change your appearance, not forgetting to tell your friends about the secret of your success.