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10 garden tricks for advanced gardeners


Even if you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty while working in the garden, having a pair of "aces up your sleeve" is always good. We offer you a few "tricks" that should be noted by each gardener and gardener.

1. Planting "pot in the pot"

Not all gardeners love to radically change the design of the site every new season. Of course, I want a change, but usually it takes a lot of time and effort. However, there is one small trick that allows you to swap places of landing when you want it.

Just dig a few plastic pots into the ground and insert seasonal container plants into them. When the flowers lose their decorative effect, they can be easily replaced with new ones. So your flower garden will always be beautiful and elegant.

2. Garden in a container

If you have a very small area, it does not mean at all that you cannot grow anything you want on it. Find a plastic storage container for sale and plant vegetables or flowers in it.

So that the mini-bed was not too heavy, you can put lutrasil on its bottom. By the way, such a project can be implemented even on the balcony of a city apartment.

3. Diapers in the country economy

Many do not even suspect that diapers are used in floriculture. Meanwhile, creative gardeners came up with putting them on the bottom of flowerpots and pots. The fact is that the material that is used in diapers, retains moisture, but the roots of the plants do not rot.

This method of cultivation is best suited for annuals, which require frequent watering. Now, even if you rarely go to the country, you can not worry about your favorite plants: they will not die.

4. Watering "magic" water

Do not pour out the water in which the vegetables were boiled: this broth is saturated with nutrients, thanks to which many plants in the garden will grow to the envy of their neighbors. Just do not water the flowers with boiling water, wait until the broth cools. It is suitable for watering both garden and garden crops, and pot plants.

Drinking "vegetable" water is also useful for people. In the heat, it quenches thirst well. But this is a matter of taste.

5. Coffee filters for ... flower pots

Every time you water the flowers in the pots, you may notice that the ground wakes up with the water that flows out of the drain hole. Coffee filters placed on the bottom of the pot will allow liquids to drain, but keep the substrate inside. Brilliant, isn't it? This idea is ideal for indoor plants, as well as for outdoor container garden.

6. New view on watering

Plants with long roots that go deep into the soil, very often receive less moisture, even with abundant watering. But it is easy to fix if you put an empty plastic container with holes in the bottom next to such cultures. Watering plants through this pot, you can be sure that they will get the moisture they need for good and healthy growth. Especially such watering zucchini like.

7. If you need a greenhouse for greenery and seedlings ...

In this case, you will again be rescued by the good old plastic bottles. In their own miniature greenhouse, each seedling will develop at an amazing speed. All you need is to cut off the neck of an ordinary plastic bottle and cover it with a pot of plants. Easy and convenient!

8. High bed of cinder blocks

Typically, building high beds requires certain skills (especially for women). However, if you have slag concrete blocks with large holes, the task is simplified many times. With the help of these building stones you can create a bed of any size. What's more important, the plants can be planted not only in the center, but also in the holes in the blocks.

9. Seeds and citrus

Use as a cups for seedlings shell of lemon or orange. First, it's cute. Secondly, the plant will consume nutrients from the citrus peel. Thirdly, this method of landing is very budget.

10. Eggshell: not rubbish, but fertilizer

The shell of the eggs is always sent to the trash, but should - in the garden. Milled eggshell is an excellent fertilizer that can increase the yield of most garden crops.

Remember, dear gardeners, that all ingenious is simple, and all that is simple is ingenious. And you do not need to reinvent the wheel at all in order to make your life much easier and save money by spending the summer in a country plot.